The Fall of Empires

Fine art photography exhibition

Inspired by the natural world, this photo project creates an analogy of the cycles and collapses of major empires throughout human history. Every piece in the series portrays a crumbling autumn leaf with hints from historical maps, symbolizing the ending chord of a great empire.

The series is printed in Chromaluxe (print on aluminum)

Over the course of the last four thousand years, empires have been constantly rising and falling. Great superpowers that determined the world’s order and ruled over almost every piece of land on the globe, have lost their supremacy and found themselves collapsing again and again as a kind of inevitable cycle. The decadent process that accompanied each and every collapsing empire had its warning signs: tyranny, corruption, internal conflicts and overuse of natural resources are some of the reasons that led them to collapse and end their historic role. 
In the digital world of today, confrontations between the great superpowers of our times never seem to cease. In the past few years we have witnessed climate change, a global pandemic, mass migration waves, the collapse of financial systems, threats to democracy, technologies that are rapidly taking over our lives and even the blurring of the boundaries between what is true and what is false. All these developments lead to a very uncertain future. If the superpowers of today are here to stay, they would need to keep up with the changes and find the solutions to adjust to this present moment. Otherwise we might face another period in human history marked by the fall of empires, as they would quietly join the empires of the past, drying out and crumbling between the pages of an old book.

Freshpaint Contemporary Art Fair

Tel Aviv, 2021

Interview at Freshpaint Art Fair (Hebrew)

Interview at Freshpaint Art Fair (Hebrew)
Fresh Paint 2021 | Nadia Finko

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Limited Edition

The pieces presented in this exhibition are printed on Chromaluxe (high-definition metal prints) and are being offered for sale in three different sizes as limited edition.

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