About me

I am a multidisciplinary designer and photographer artist based in Berlin. I graduated with honors from the Visual Communications Bachelor program in The Holon Institute of Technology in Israel. Since my graduation in 2012, I have been working in various advertising agencies, brand houses and technology companies.

In the past few years I have been working as a creative director for high tech companies in Berlin. I was in charge of the creation and development of the corporate identity guidelines, designing brand materials and collaterals. I love the challenge of finding design solutions in the fields of print, layout, trade show, editorial, digital, web and motion design. 

Alongside to my daily work as a designer, I work on personal art projects. My artwork draws on photography and design to engage with metaphors, irony and language. I apply various medium and use mix media.

My photography project “The Fall of Empires” is currently shown in art fairs and galleries around the world.